Azure Container Instance multi-client capable

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We want to develop the service Azure Container Instance.
The question: Do we need an Azure Container instance for each individual customer, where a container runs in it or can
to implement several container clients in one ACI.
Meaning: Is it possible to limit permissions in such a way that permissions can be assigned in the ACI?
That kind of multi-client ACI.

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Hi @Horst_Wutscher_Blogg,


What would be the Workload?

Should these Containers be Internet Facing or for internal Network Usage?

So are they attached with a Public IP or with a internal Network IP?


Will the Customers also need Access to those Resources in Azure?


I think from a cost view, having more then one ACI would not be a Problem, as you pay for what you use, so have a ACI with 2 Container or 2 with one Container should cost nearly the same. I would recommend the use of two instances, one for each customer instead of crossusage.


Kind Regards, Peter

Hello @Peter_Beckendorf ,


we would like to implement our ACIs with private / internal IPs.


Yes, the internal company customers should get access to Azure Portal.


Yes, one reason is costs. We think, if we deploy one ACi for more internal customers, its is cheaper and also not so much governance and work to do.