Assistance with creating a script for rolling out Server 2019

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Good morning all,


I wonder if you could help me. I am busy looking at automation within our Azure environment, and have started with the "easiest" option...automate the deployment of Windows Server 2019 and add to the existing domain.

I don't have the experience in automation, so I am getting that out the way.

I have attached a script I downloaded from GitHub and I am busy going through it, but would like to know if it will do the following:


1. Deploy a new VM to our Azure tenant running Windows Server 2019 (size, storage etc I can see is taken care of).

2. Allow the joining of this VM to the domain (that part of the script isn't in here, but I would need to know where to put it which is where I am stuck).


From reading a ton of documentation, I need an Automation account on Azure to accomplish this. Is there anything else?


I will be going through Microsoft Learn to see if there are any courses on this so hopefully will have more theory behind me for future reference.



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Thanks Luke, and best to use a Runbook for this?
Depends on how you want to be able to run it, you could use PowerShell to kick off the ARM template manually, or deploy it in Azure DevOps, or as a Custom Template through the Azure Portal -