ASR to fail over specific Subnet in DR site

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I am trying to setup an Azure to Azure PoC for Site recovery manager on the source I have 1 vnet and 3 subnet 

app subnet 

DB subnet and web subnet and I have 3 VMs (App,DB and Web) in the respective subnets.

On the DR site I have created similar vNet and also created 3 subnets (app,DB and Web) 

When configuring the ASR it allows me to select the vNet of DR site but not the subnets when i do the test failover it picks the first subnet which is available how should I control this behaviors making sure each VM fails to a specific subnet 

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Did you have exactly the same name for the subnets ?  


  • If a subnet with the same name doesn't exist in the target network, the first subnet in the alphabetical order is set as the target subnet.

Go to  Compute and Network settings for the VM and select the network interface you should be able to view the properties and change the subnet. 


You can set up network mapping before triggering  ASR 

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