ASR Replication is stuck at "Waiting for First Recovery Point"

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Hi All,


I am trying to add ASR for one of my setup[VM's] present in Azure environment. But, all the VM's are stuck in "Waiting for First Recovery Point". Please find more details below.



1. All the VM's re located in "East US2"

2. All the VM's are installed with Linux[Cent OS]


Status of ASR:

  1. Created a new Recovery Service Vault “SoakASR-Vault”
  2. Enabled Replication for 3 servers for 3 performance servers. You can find the replicated servers in “SoakASR-Vault | Replicated items”
  3. Issue: All the 3 servers are stuck at “Waiting for First Recovery Point"


  1. I have created Recovery Services Vault in “Central US”. But, I see Network Mapping as WEST US in "Site Recovery infrastructure | Network mapping"
  2. Extension update is failing at "Site Recovery infrastructure | Extension update settings"
  3. I see 'Installing Mobility Service and preparing target' with status as “Completed with Information” message.
    1. Error ID: 151083
  4. Error Message: Site recovery mobility service update completed with warnings

Please help if you have any idea where I am going wrong. Thanks in advance.

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