Adding Alerts to shutdown an Azure Virtual Machine

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Hi all, 


I'm running a lab in Azure for training purposes. Now using a DevTest Lab I could schedule a shutdown period to turn off a VM during off hours but I would like to be more granular and have the VM shutdown after one hour of inactivity for example. Or having the server turned off automatically after 2 hours of operation no matter what. 


I configured an alert based on "System\System Up Time" metric but no results.   



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Hi Eric,

As i understand you don't want to use all your cred's for waiting for the auto shutdown.

With Azure Automation it's possible to do what you want. If i understand you correct.
It's in preview now and her you got a link for it. So if you create rules based on CPU, Memory, Disk or so on. You can possible create some Automation on what you want to do.
I will look in to it my self as well.
Here you got a link for preview

Hi Thomas, 


True, I don't want to wait for auto shutdown if I'm not using the VM.. Auto shutdown is a great feature but I still feel I'm wasting money on VM time not being used.  


Thank you for your reply and link. This is exactly what I was looking for! :) 

@Eric Lacroix 


How about creating a scheduled task in the VM to initiate a shutdown?

@Eric Lacroix have you looked at the Start/Stop VMs during off-hours solution in Azure Automation? One of the scenarios covered by this solution is exactly what you want.