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I have a WebRTC project and have provisioned my own STUN/TURN servers. The Azure Communications Services talks about their STUN/TURN services. I would like to use the Microsoft/Azure STUN/TURN servers as they are probably more robust and geographically installed.


I have looked and cannot find the documentation on how to provision these in my Azure subscription and get the IP address of the servers.


Please advise and thanks,



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Hi @Ryan Groom


You can find more documentation on how to get a relay token (for using the TURN service) here: Quickstart - Get a network relay token | Microsoft Docs

If you don't mind sharing we would love to know more about your scenario and which company you are with :)


Thanks. So this is just for TURN not for STUN? I am with Kognitiv Spark. We make an app for the HoloLens called RemoteSpark. We worked closely with the MS WebRTC UWP project which is core to our offering. Just looking at ways to make it more robust.

Also, that sample is JavaScript, our app is written in C#. Is there a C# SDK? Or just use the REST API?

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Thanks! I have been like a dog chasing its tail. This was been very helpful, now to write some code!
We currently only return URLs for TURN, support for STUN is coming soon (currently being worked on)!

You could technically edit the TURN token I guess... but it is coming soon so maybe best to just wait :)
Cool. I will continue to use our STUN servers and replace our TURN with yours. I am going to give this a try this afternoon.
Our these the same servers the Teams network uses?
Correct! Azure Communication Services is based on the same backend services that power Microsoft Teams - including STUN/TURN, Voice, Chat, etc.