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Hi, I'm Eugene Rosenfeld. I'm a technical architect doing consulting work. We are helping a customer replace the video calling component of their app and have recommended they look at ACS (which looks awesome so far). One feature gap we found is they want to be able to record video calls. Is that feature on the roadmap? Or is there a way to implement that today?

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@Eugene Rosenfeld, great question. Call Recording is in active development and currently available in private preview through our early adopters program [please check out docs here]. We hope to bring the feature to public preview later this quarter!

Are there Microsoft partners already involved in deployment? We are looking forward to get some call recording that meets compliance requests.

@tophpalmer I saw in the documentation you provided:

Azure Communication Services provides short term media storage for recordings. Export any recorded content you wish to preserve within 48 hours. After 48 hours, recordings will no longer be available.

Is there a plan to be able to easily transfer the recorded video from ACS temporary storage into an Azure Media Services storage account? That would be really ideal.