Is a comparison between Twilio and Azure Communications services?

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we currently use Twilio services for few of our clients for call routing, recording, searchable conversation logging. 

Is there any migration document for moving from Twilio to ACS?

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We only have documents on how to get started with Azure Communication Services - you can find more information and quickstarts on our public docs here:
@BhuvanPasham - can you elaborate on a couple scenarios that you are most interested in?

@anthonysva  - solutions around Twilio were built some time ago to provide "searchability" of calls for compliance, so when a customer calls in, we need to record and transcribe the call, log it the recording and text, as part of the customer record. These calls involve large transactions that any misunderstanding between customer and the agent would potentially ruin both of their lives - like in mortgage services.

We are in the process of rebuilding those apps on MS for Fin Services - so staying in ACS might simplify (maybe) and streamlines cost/billing factors.

@BhuvanPasham - thank you. can you break down the call routing a bit more? e.g. where do calls route to? is there more than one system of record for call management?

thank you in advance.