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@Eric Starker 

Hi Kate from PwC. I had a question about the breadth of functionality this service will have. In demo videos I have seen the primary use case seems to be video chats that begin out of a chat app. Will this service also allow for you to host scheduled meetings within a platform? 


In our use case we are looking to offer scheduled presentations to our clients through our platform. They would be able to find details about the events on the platform, add them to their calendar and it would generate a meeting link that takes them back to the platform for the meeting to begin within it. 

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Hi @Kate_Phelan - yes, you can use the groupId property to join a pre-scheduled group call.

How is authentication handled? Our SaaS application, where we intend to host these sessions, is not using Azure AD for authentication. Is the intention to share the auth token from the parent application or will users attending the session be allowed to login into the teams meeting via the normal workflow?

@Ryan_Kane - Azure Communication Services is identity agnostic so your users don't have to be using AAD to join the prescheduled Teams meeting from a Communication Services client. You can use any identity provider you are already using :) 

Each userthat is logging on with go through your authentication process, and the Azure Communication Services client will assign each user a token. This token will be used to join the call.

You can learn more about our user tokens here: Quickstart - Create and manage access tokens - An Azure Communication Services quickstart | Microsof...

Thank you for confirming and sharing