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We have a client which is developing a solution using Azure Communication Services meetings. These meetings will carry only audio. There will be max. 3 publishers (audio only) and several hundreds of subscribers (audio only). The subscribers all have MS Teams licenses.


In this scenario, would each subscriber also be charged at $0.004 / minute?


Thank you for clarifying this topic.

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Hi @JeanPierre1950!


Thanks for your question! Are the teams users joining from the teams client in a Teams Interop scenario?  If that is the case, then the users that are joining the meeting from the Microsoft Teams client will not be charged per the Azure Communication Services rate, and instead are covered through the M365 license they are using to access Teams.


You can find more examples of different pricing scenarios here. Let us know if you have anymore questions!



@manoskow-msft Thank you very much for your help and support.


This is not a MS Teams interop scenario. The clients will be joining ACS meeting from inside MS Teams meeting extension, as described at


Is this considered an MS Teams endpoint?


@JeanPierre1950 - yes this is considered a Teams Endpoint! So whoever is using the Teams meeting extension (from within the Teams client app), will be covered by the M365 license they are logged into Teams with. 


The other participants in the call that are calling from the custom app using the ACS Calling SDK will be charged per the consumption rate for audio/video etc.


Hope this helps!



Dear @manoskow-msft ,

Thank you very much for clarifying this issue. This means a lot to us!

Thanks for your interest in ACS and participating in our community! Would love to see any blogs/demos/videos showcasing what you are working on at some point!
Dear Mary, i have sent you a PM. Thank you