ACS limits - video calls and webinars

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Are there updated published limits for how many people can join an ACS video call. Are there different limit if the app you're building is more of a webinar model rather than an interactive meeting - meaning that there are only a few hosts / presenters and everyone else justs needs to listen in and watch.

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Hello, the limit for the group calls is 350 participants.

We don't have the webinar model now. We will consider it for roadmap.
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Thanks @Nikolay Muravlyannikov.

The customer we are working with right now has a direct sales app that needs video communications capabilities. Their target is to have sessions with 10,000 viewers and about 10 hosts / co-hosts.

Btw, I saw that Teams recently announced their webinar model which supports "tens of thousands" of participants in "view-only" mode. They also announced that they've increased the limit of full interactive participants from 300 to 1000. Here's a reference to the announcement:

It would be very helpful for our customer if ACS could incorporate those new Teams service limits.

@Nikolay Muravlyannikov  Webinar support might be a heavyweight concept here.  A simple change to the limit based on how many users that are actively sharing video, screen, and audio versus those that are would be more than enough for the solution I am looking at.    What if it was 350 "unmuted" participants with outgoing video, and some larger number of "muted" and not sharing video participants?   This would give flexibility and not require some specific "webinar mode"