New IoT solutions experience on the Azure Certified Device catalog!


You may have noticed a change to our Azure Certified Device catalog in the past few days:




Our catalog now displays partner solutions! These are solutions designed and implemented in-market using Azure Certified Devices and Azure services to meet customer needs. In this soft launch, we bring to life two solutions by our partners CloudRail and Sodexo.


These solutions illustrate the enormous potential of IoT -- and its success in the real world. Our soft launch will continue to expand as we partner with more companies who build on Azure to tell their stories on our catalog. These bundles act as an avenue to help customer contact our valued partners to build their own customized solutions, getting them started with Azure in a quick, low-cost process.


If you have certified a device and have a customer solution you would like to share on our catalog, please reach out to for more information on how you can become involved in the debut of our solutions category!


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