Announcement: Edge Secured-core preview launch!


The Azure Certified Device team is excited to announce our preview release of the Edge Secured-core validation process! The Edge Secured-core validation suite expands upon our three current badges to answer the customer promise for devices with safety and security.


On the Azure Certified Device portal, we currently run the Edge Secured-core test to check for 5 requirements:





Defender for IoT




Elevated permission for services


TLS 1.2


OS Config


Over the coming months, we would love for you and your team to validate your IoT devices through our preview program! What does this mean for you? You will have the opportunity to get a jump start on certifying your IoT device for the Edge Secured-core badge by helping us test this new addition as we evolve our test harness. You can view more details about our requirements on our Docs site.


If you have an IoT device using a Linux OS and IoT Edge runtime, you can view our certification tutorials to get started! When creating your project, just remember to select the “Edge Secured-core (Preview)” option, and follow the directions under the Connect & test section. (As a note, your devices running Windows will be supported soon! Stay tuned here for more updates.)


Once you’ve started, reach out to, drop a comment below, or start a new discussion with our fellow certification partners in this space! We’d love to hear about your feedback and experiences and look forward to growing our program with your help!

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