VMs with MariaDB


First time creating Azure resources for a project. We want to have 2 VM’s attached to Application Gateway for load balancing traffic. If we want to add the Azure Database for MariaDB resource, do we need to create our own 2 VMs or does Azure DB for MariaDB come with VM’s?

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It depends on your scenario.
In Azure DB for MariaDB Server, you have one read/write db and several read replicas. Only when the replication is stoped the replica server can accept write.
Microsoft doc: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/mariadb/concepts-read-replicas

If you want to be able to write on both dbs and sync them with each other, the solution with 2VM and installing Mariadb on them would be better.



Hi Azure Database for Maria DB is a Paas service so you will not see the infrastructure layer and you just have to provide parameters and deploy . If you want to go for Iaas ( after defining pros and cons) in this case you will need  you have to create VM install MariaDB take care about backups updates and security .


You talk about application gateway so i guess there is a web tier in you application . 

The flow would be :  Client request ====>Application Gateway ====>web tier ====> database tier

1 subnet for App Gateway (mandatory)

1 subnet for web tier + network security group

1 subnet for database tier  + network security group or private endpoints to avoid exposing you database to the entire world