How to assign an existing Network Interface to a Private Endpoint

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When creating a Private Endpoint a Network Interface is automatically created. Instead, I want to manually create a Network Interface (which is possible) and then attach it to a PE. The reason is that I want control over the naming convention of all my assets. Is there any way to do this?

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Hi CodeFly,

Please try to look at bicep for deploying your resources. This gives you all the control you need.

This is general information about Bicep:

This is the bicep template for a Private Endpoint:

This is the bicep template for a Network interface:

Hope this helps!

+1 for Bicep, you could create the Network Interface using PowerShell or manually by using the Azure Portal - but learning Bicep, will allow you to start putting resources together and get your Infrastructure as Code foo on.

Once you have the basics covered - then you can create your own naming module for your business as well: