ExpressRoute Bandwidth Information

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We have configured the Microsoft and Private peerings and all is working just fine.  What we are not able to see if the bandwidth information to show if traffic is traversing just Primary or both Primary and Secondary paths?  In NPM, I see this note under bandwidth utilization "NPM does not publish primary and secondary bandwidth info" and there is a link showing queries to be used in the Log Search.


Maybe I have overlooked this in the article provided, but do not see how to show if traffic is passing on just the Primary or if traffic is passing on both Primary/Secondary?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and we have not looked into any other tool (ie. Solarwinds), since this was something that was available and now it is not?


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@Bob_Toler Hi Bob, have you looked at the monitoring within the portal? Not sure if this gives you what you need?


Also using the Network Performance Monitor in Log Analytics you can richer visuals and information on your circuit health...

@MrCoups I think I see the issue here, the articles reference something that is no longer available and why you cannot see the Primary/Secondary information together in those charts under metrics.  Seems a part of what you are searching for to provide this is no longer available (see chart below) on Peer.


Here is what I found when reviewing articles that referenced this ability in NPM that did show the Primary/Secondary bandwidth, which now states it does not (see screen shot below).Bob_Toler_0-1597151541322.png


This topology map doesn't show both Primary and Secondary, only the active path into Microsoft Azure.



Overall, what I have been seeing is the articles published on these topics are no longer relevant, unless I am completely missing it, which I doubt I am.  Thank you for the reply and looks like I have to keep digging to find what I am looking for, which I may have to use a 3rd party tool to get this.