3 tier azure architechture

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i want to develope the 3 tier solution..1.web service 2.app service 3.db

how can i gothrough is i want to configure WHM on In each Tier VM and how to configure WHM in AZure Centos VM?

then 1st tier is it i manually install LAMP on that VM and How Client will access easialy all this stuff?

i build up this solution for tomcat based centos..

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Hello, @Sushant_Chavhan 


If you are looking to deploy a 3 tier architecture, you should deploy each component separately, 

now for the question about whether these components should be VMs in IaaS or PaaS it depends on the supportability of the application that will be installed.

but in a nutshell, you can have all components as VMs so totally 3 VMs or a mixture between Web Apps and VMs.

Now I believe that

- The WHM is only supporeted on CentOS therefore, practically would have to be installed on a sperate as a VM, that would be your app service I believe.

- The Web Service can be a PaaS Azure Web App ( linux or IIS)

- The Database can be a DBaaS Azure mySQL.


of course you will need to take into consideration securing the environment and network communication between the architecture different tiers.


I hope that you find these information helpful and mark this reply asn an answer.



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