Tips for a successful cloud project! (1) Embrace PaaS. (2) Be Prepared.
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Many enterprise companies are rushing to embrace their cloud journey toward building innovative products and services.


What does it take for a company to be successful in cloud adoption?


There are very good public cloud documentations, blogs, articles, and tools about the cloud journey, with a cloud assessment, planning, governance, and migration. However, that alone is not enough.


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1. Embrace PaaS


What I learned from the trenches is that sometimes the basic cloud offerings (PaaS and SaaS) are forgotten, when building enterprise applications. SaaS services (such as Dynamics, Salesforce, Adobe, Zoom, etc.) are easier to start for green field applications, but when a required configuration is unavailable, then the team hesitates to take a step back and look at PaaS services to make the solution happen. Having a team with the right skillsets will help.


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2. Be Prepared


Another important factor that intrigued me was that customers often expect that moving to the cloud is a magic bullet, meaning that things start working without much effort. That is not true, and they often forget how they used to work in an on-prem environment, with clear functional and non-functional requirements. Highlighting on non-functional requirements, the cloud does provide the scalability and performance that an enterprise customer is looking for, but it must be well thought out and defined before picking the suitable cloud services. For example, mixing ad-hoc queries and ETL without doing workload profiling in a data platform, can lead to a cloud service being non-performant and not meeting expectations. 


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