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We share best practices from our employees, partners, and customers who have already undertaken the cloud journey. The Cloud Adoption Framework brings together people, process, and technology—a strategy that’s aligned to your business goals. So, Quickly, efficiently, and with actionable guidance, CAF provides guidance for your organization’s agile business transformation. 




Cloud Adoption Framework—modular phases of adoption.

As your organization  evolves, the Cloud Adoption Framework adapts to your business needs.

Each module in the diagram is an iterative phase that advances your business through the complete lifecycle of cloud adoption. Customers can choose the phase best-suited to their degree of cloud adoption maturity. The Cloud Adoption Framework offers a guiding methodology to cloud adoption, with specific approaches to overcoming common blockers to cloud adoption in each module, such as “Define Strategy,” “Plan,”, etc.


The Cloud Adoption Framework offers the enterprise a modular framework of how to incrementally onboard to the cloud. Cloud adoption shifts how companies obtain, make use of, and lock down their technology resources. And this kind of modular framework flips the model of how enterprises operate:

  • Transitions organizations to need-based consumption of technology resources
  • Change from cap-ex (capital expenditure) to op-ex (operating expenditure) model
  • Cloud model assumes security, governance, cost-optimization, and hybrid cloud by default
  • Develop a future-ready workforce—developing and deploying cloud skill readiness organization-wide


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