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Reading through the feature sets and concepts of Azure Arc, I love the idea of a single location for managing our on-prem and azure environments.


The question I had is how difficult is it to rollback a deployment?  Ideally, I would like to standup the environment, add a couple test machines from both our on-prem and azure environment, present this solution and continue to add our production machines.  If we find that Azure Arc is not suitable, I would like to rollback like it never existed.


The environment is not very complex.  a single datacenter with VMware, and a few Azure vm's in a couple regions.  The POC would would be for managing both sql and vm's  (no kubernetes at this time)

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Hi @Robert Young 

Good question, let me see if I can help. 


Talking about Azure Arc enabled servers and Azure Arc enabled SQL, the connectivity and onboarding to Arc, or the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) control plane, is done via an agent. 


For servers, this agent is the Connected Machine agent which you can uninstall and then simply delete the respectful Arc resource in Azure. 


For Azure Arc enabled SQL it's a combination of 2 agents - the first one is again, the Connected Machine agent and the second one is the Azure Log Analytics agent which responsible for sending the SQL-related telemetry and data to your Log Analytics workspace.

More info and guides on both onboarding but also rolling back can be found in the Azure Arc Jumpstart:

Azure Arc enabled servers | Azure Arc Jumpstart

Azure Arc enabled SQL Server | Azure Arc Jumpstart


I hope that helps!