Want to learn Azure Arc?! Here is where you should go

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Azure Arc is an exciting set of technologies that touch all aspects of our ITOps, DevOps, cloud management, security and governance, app development, and data modernization practices. For months now, a lot of awesome content has been created around it and in this post, I will try to recap everything that is out there so you can jump right in and get your groove going with Azure Arc.


Azure Arc Jumpstart

Azure Arc Jumpstart has become THE place to go when it comes to technical, hands-on experience scenarios that you can go and start deploying. With 70+ scenarios as of today, this is not a website you want to skip.


The project also includes its own YouTube channel where you can find recorded, “bite-size” versions of the Jumpstart scenarios.


Today, we are excited to announce our new project, Jumpstart ArcBox!

ArcBox is a sandbox environment that allows users to explore all the major capabilities of Azure Arc so go read all about it in @dalekirby blog.





Microsoft Azure Docs

You might be thinking “yeah, that’s kind of obvious” and for many of us it is but for those of you that are not aware, our engineering teams are investing A LOT of time and effort into the Azure Arc Docs pages, making sure you have all the product-related, concepts, guides and nuances to work with Azure Arc.

Microsoft Learn Azure Arc modules

Our Azure Arc learn modules are getting better and better and expect more coming in the next weeks and months. These modules are designed in a gradational fashion and are a great place to get started in order to understand the fundamental Azure Arc concepts and integration points within the broad Azure ecosystem. 


Cloud Adoption Framework for hybrid and multi-cloud

In the past few months, the Patterns & Practices group took the time on creating a structure of documentation that is designed to take you through your Azure hybrid journey so you can maximize the potential of your technology asset, rather on-premises or in the other cloud platforms.


This framework is very comprehensive and includes information on both the technical and the business aspects for you to consider. Read more about it in Pratibha’s blog.


Thirsty for some more Azure Arc goodies? Check out these other Azure Arc blogs and announcements:

Azure Arc Partners Update 

Bringing Azure application services to Kubernetes with Azure Arc 


We also have our Azure Hybrid Digital Event coming up next month where we will share more snazzy Azure Arc announcements so make sure to register here!

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