Trouble with Bing Custom Search Hosted UI

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Been using Hosted UI for a few months now for our site of 3k+ pages, very happy.

Today around 3:45 or so the results started appearing incorrectly. 

Logged into > My Instance > Test using the right hand section (enter a query...) and it shows correct results.

Now I click on Hosted UI tab > scroll to bottom of page > Consuming the UI > Option 2 > Click on URL: 

The results are entirely different and incorrect. 


The Consuming UI link:

Using query "size pipe" Currently shows 5 results, none of which are correct. 


A similar search, using this search query " size pipe" currently shows some correct results, certainly more than the link above.


But the weird thing is, in > Definition Editor > test on right side of screen > shows great results with ideal pages appearing that aren't at the top of the other two results.


I'm very confused as to :

1) Why this started happening right now

2) Why I'm getting wildly different results from all three tests


Perhaps this is related to In Google Search Console I've tested my sitemap - no errors found, 3,496 pages submitted. In Bing Webmaster > Configure site > Sitemaps, the very same sitemap shows zero URLs submitted. 


Another test I just did:

Query: "Plant Data"

Bing top result: Plant Data and adding Custom Fields

Custom Search AI > Definition Editor > Test top result: Plant Manager
Hosted UI top result: Edit Our Default Plant Symbols 


The Hosted UI results did not include either of the other two test's results at all.


Thanks in advance for any insight.


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Also, I hope this is the right place to post this?
As opposed to here:

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This seems to have resolved. I can see many more results and not 5 results only. Can you pls check? The correct place is: