New Voices in Audio Content Creation Tool


I've been experimenting with the Audio Content Creation (ACC) Tool and the little demo on the page Text to Speech | Microsoft Azure. There are voices in that little demo that do not show up in the ACC tool.  When can we expect parity in the ACC tool?

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Hi @Son_VoBa , thanks for the feedback.  Please let us know which voices are not available in the ACC tool that are available in the lite demo? 

In the Vietnamese voice section, there are 3 in the demo, and just 1 in the ACC tool.

@Son_VoBa , I am able to see three voices in our ACC tool.   



Can you tell me what browser you are using?  And what voice does it show in the list?


Here's what I can see in my session:



I'm using the latest Microsoft Edge browser.

Hi @Son_VoBa , what region is your Speech Resource?  Not all regions support Neural TTS.  Please check the list here:


Can you switch to another region, say, Southeast Asia, and try again?

Also, my credential does not work for getting a free trial Azure account. So, I've been using my personal email for the ACC experimentation. Could that be the reason for not seeing the same voices that you could see?
US West.
It looks like I should have created my Speech Resource in US West 2.

Hi @Son_VoBa, yes, please try US West 2.

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Thank you @edwardun. Creating my speech resource in the "US West 2" region gives me the complete voice repertoire (standard and neural).


A suggestion: create an awareness of different availability of voices when a speech resource is created so user can make the appropriate choice.