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We are asked to propose a solution for translating customer content from European language to English and vise versa, strictly submitted data should not be stored because our data is classified as confidential, hence looking for a API that does not store submitted data.

I came across Microsoft Translator API Text, but not clear about the Terms and Conditions.  Please clarify below queries.


1. Does customer data stored if we use Microsoft Translator API Text while transferring the information?

2. If the data store, will it be in Microsoft private cloud or in customers tenant/subscription?

3. What the policy for document content translation?

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Hi Senthil,
We do have same requirement translating customers feedback from any langauge to English. Business agreed to use azure text api but not sure how to accomplish this.. do you have any idea. Our flow is pulling data from rest api using datafactory and placing files into gen2 storage. Now before moving this data to SQL database staging area we have to translate the language column to English by using text api. Do you have any use case , like how to read files from storage and take specified column and do the translation and after completion merge with the same file and save the file in gen2.

@Senthilrajan Kaliyaperumal I would suggest to have a look to Cognitive Services Compliance and privacy  page, and check with your legal teams.