Introducing two new AI resources pages for devs and data scientists


Today, we launched new practitioner focused pages to help developers interested in using Cognitive Services and Cognitive Search in their apps, as well as to help data scientists looking to build machine learning models in Azure. We've brought together some videos from practitioners, video guides, 30-day learning journey paths and more!  @Anand_Raman published a blog on it today with more details.


Links to the pages are below:

Download the 30-day learning journey 

A guide that contains a curated set of training modules to make you an expert in Azure AI!

You can download the ML Learning Journey and the AI Developer Learning Journey



Hear from developers who have used Azure AI

wmendoza_2-1611790118553.png       wmendoza_5-1611790625405.png



Essentials video series: Walkthrough of various AI & ML scenarios

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Hear from the product team members who have built these capabilities

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NEW: Azure AI Hackathon Competition

Also, we just kicked off an Azure AI Hackathon - with prizes for winners and first 50 submissions!


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