CS in eDiscovery

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Very curious to hear about plans to integrate CS into content search and Adv. eDiscovery--especially for setting up query-based eDiscovery holds early in a case (but also within review sets later). When it comes, it's going to be a quantum leap in document recall compared to standard keyword queries.

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Very excited!
Dan, I agree that some of the advances in this space can really have a big impact on eDiscovery. One of the things that a lot of people don't realize is how this can also help from the "discovery" part of "ediscovery". For example, if you start to understand the content, you can then start doing more exploring of the content. For example to start seeing correlations between say one case and another. This allows people to move from only be able to search and find relevant documents, to be able to explore what exists in the content, or even to be able to ask questions and get answers that are embedded within the content.