AI-generated voices for Azure neural text to speech service

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Neural text to speech (Neural TTS) is a powerful speech synthesis capability of Azure cognitive services. It enables users to convert text to lifelike speech, and can be used in various scenarios including voice assistant, content read-aloud capabilities, accessibility tools, etc. 


To better support the customer needs for the diversity of the neural TTS voices, a new technology has been introduced which can quickly generate a variety of new voices on demand. This technology is called controllable new voice generation, and the generated TTS voice is called AI-generated voice.


With this innovation, it's possible to create richer TTS voices in need, such as sweet, dark, husky voices, etc., much faster than before. In this blog linked below, learn about two new voices created by this approach, a masculine voice named AIGenerate1 and a feminine voice named AIGenerate2, and provide a deeper view on the technology behind.


How do you think you'll use this technology? How do you foresee using voices of different timbres in your text to speech projects? 



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