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If I have Azure ATP licences for all users, but have no licencing for MCAS. Can I connect Azure ATP to MCAS and use the MCAS portal as my portal of choice to deal with alerts/create alert policies etc, or do I need MCAS licences for all users in order to be able to do this?


Specifically thinking about the enhanced alerting policies that MCAS offers (ie send SMS etc), that aren't present in the Azure ATP portal.



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Yes, the MCAS integration with Azure ATP is not dependent on an MCAS license. you will be able to use the MCAS portal for Azure ATP data even if you are only licensed for Azure ATP.

As for SMS, notification support for Azure ATP alerts in MCAS will come in the upcoming months.

Could I create an alert policy in MCAS to use SMS alerts, or does that require an MCAS licence?

Is SMS support for Azure ATP alerts coming to Azure ATP portal at all?


Current MCAS notification capabilities would be available for AATP standalone customers as well in the MCAS portal as soon as we add notification support for AATP alerts (as mentioned before).

No change to the current AATP portal notification options is currently planned.

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