This is SO cool! Use Azure AD to login to Azure Linux virtual machines

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Linux virtual machines are very popular in Azure. A challenge everyone faces is securely managing the accounts and credentials used to login to these VMs. Typically, people create local administrator accounts and use either SSH keys or passwords to login to the VM. As people join or leave teams, new local accounts need to be created or old ones removed from these VMs. Managing who has access to a given VM is hard and admins need to periodically remove unnecessary SSH public keys or reset administrator passwords to protect against unauthorized access. To make things simple people often follow the risky practice of sharing admin account passwords among big groups of people. This makes it very hard to protect your production Linux VMs and collaborate with your team when using shared Linux VMs.


At the Build conference a few weeks back, we announced the public preview of a cool new Azure AD capability to make it easier to securely manage Azure Linux VMs




Read about it in the Enterprise Mobility + Security blog.

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