Search, Sort, and Filter for Conditional Access is now in public preview!

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Howdy folks, 


I’m happy to announce the public preview of search, sort, and filter for Azure AD Conditional Access policies in the Azure Portal. This has been one of top requests in the Azure AD feedback forum, and will make it much easier to manage your policies.


Vikas Deora, a Program Manager in the Identity division, drove this exciting work and his guest blog below will take you through the highlights. As always, please share your feedback in the comments below or reach out to the team with any questions.


Best regards,

Alex Simons (Twitter: Alex_A_Simons)

Corporate Vice President of Program Management

Microsoft Identity Division




Hey everyone,


I’m excited to tell you about the new search, sort, and filter capability for Conditional Access. This feature is being rolled out incrementally to all tenants starting on 1st February and will be available in all tenants in the next few weeks.



The Conditional Access policy list page has been enhanced with the search bar so that you can quickly and easily find a particular policy by name. The search automatically performs a starts-with and substring search on the list of policy names. The substring search is performed on whole words, partial words, and includes support for special characters. The search is case-insensitive.


For example, a search for “Devices” will return both "compliant devices" and "managed devices" within policy name.





You can sort the policy list by policy name, state, creation date and modified date. Use the arrows to the right of the respective column headings to sort the list in ascending or descending order.





In addition to search and sort, you can also filter the policy lists by state, creation time and modified time.




Last but not the least, we have also improved the policy list page to provide policy counts. You can now see the total number of policies you have configured. When a search or filter is applied, you can also see number of policies returned out of total policies.




You have created more than 18 thousand policies in last 30 days. Hope you can use the search, sort, filter capabilities in Conditional Access to find them.


On behalf of Azure AD team, thank you for all your feedback so far. We hope you’ll continue to help us improve and share more about your admin experience with Azure AD Conditional Access.


As always, we invite you to share any questions or feedback about the feature through the Azure forum or @AzureAD on Twitter.



Vikas Deora (@Vi_Deora),

Program Manager

Microsoft Identity Division


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Better late than never!

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In the last section of the post, there was a mentioned of "You have created more than 18 thousand policies in last 30 days.", which policies was it referring to? or should I say, how many Conditional Access (CA) policies can we have now?

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This is magical!

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This is brilliant, thank you!!


Hi @SunilDayal , the line "You have created more than 18 thousand policies in last 30 days." meant all customers globally created 18 thousand Conditional Access policies in last 30 days. 


@SunilDayal the maximum number of Conditional Access policies you can configure in one tenant is 195.

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Long-long awaited!

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@DeorVikas why exactly 195?


@Aldu_boy the 195 is linked to current restriction we have placed on maximum Conditional Access JSON policy size.

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Great news, but I still can't see the new feature in any of my tenants. Is there anything special to do?

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I still can't see the new feature in our tenants. Is there anything that we need to do, to enable this?

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Situation is still the same on all tenants (Europe based) I can oversee: New CA UI is NOT available. Such a pity.


@Peter Meuser @abhinav89 we are still rolling out the feature slowly to all tenants globally. We are aiming to reach 100% by first week of March. 


Years in the making. I just checked it out, looks good!

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Why are CA policies no longer filtered by the application you're in within Enterprise Applications? In fact, is there any way now of filtering CA policies by the app they're assigned to?


I think this is not only inconvenient but introduces inadvertent security risks as it's no longer evident what CA policies have been set for apps being administered.


@Sam da Man we are currently rolling out a bug fix for App filtering. 

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