missing MembershipRule in Get-AzureADMSGroup


I am using AzureAD module in version and when I execute the command 

get-azureadmsgroup -Id 34298b62-bdb4-489b-9569-d3ad90af5d53|fl

I got only the following parameters:

Id                           : 34298b62-bdb4-489b-9569-d3ad90af5d53
OdataType                    : 
Description                  : 
OnPremisesSyncEnabled        : 
DisplayName                  : Group_name
OnPremisesLastSyncDateTime   : 
Mail                         : 
MailEnabled                  : False
MailNickname                 : acecce91-366d-4043-8c0c-4c8e54e26203
OnPremisesSecurityIdentifier : 
ProxyAddresses               : {}
SecurityEnabled              : True
GroupTypes                   : {DynamicMembership}
Visibility                   : 
CreatedDateTime              : 24.04.2019 13:06:17
RenewedDateTime              : 24.04.2019 13:06:17

Cannot get the MembershipRule property. 

Any tips or tricks on how to get it?

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You need to use the AzureADPREVIEW module for this.

@Vasil Michev Thank you Vasil, 


Can someone from Microsoft tell, why it is on the official documentation page which refers to AzureAD Powershell 2.0 cmdlet?  




I have the same problem, even with AzureADPreview AzureAD AzureADPreview



If you have both modules installed it will default to the first one in the list being AzureAD. 


Your options are:

1. Uninstall-Module AzureAD

2. Prefix the Module Name to the command. AzureADPreview\Set-AzureADMSGroup


This was working... but now it is not.

AzureAD\Get-AzureADMSGroup or AZureADPreview\Get-AzureADMSGroup

With latest modules for either AzureAD ( or AZureADPreview ( for Dynamic Groups we once again (it was there in some previous builds) no longer see the following in the out: