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We are running a multi-forest environment with Teams, Exchange Online and other services with about 3000 users and we want to change from PTA to PHS. I also changed the environment a year ago from ADFS to PTA and this was fine, so I think there will be no problems from PTA to PHS.

But because I don't find any official or unofficial article about it, I just wanted to ask if there is something I have to think about (or any kind of downtime or something like that).


My expectation is that I will simply change it in Azure AD Connect and the change will be effectiveright after the passwords are synchronized.




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Hi, yes you can re-run the AADC wizard and select the change user sign in options.  Choose PHS and job done. :smile:

@PeterRising Haha that's great Peter. I wanted to reply just that but chickened out. This became a case of waiting for you to enter the conversation! ;)

@PeterRising Ok thanks, so no impact. I will do the change today evening.