Migrating local user account 'content' to Azure AD user account

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I expect to help implement following business scenario for a client:


Unmanaged devices, with local user accounts, will become managed, with Azure AD user accounts, using a combination of Azure AD domain join and/or Intune.


How can I help the organisation and users keep their settings/favourites/etc.etc., possibly also app data, when moving from their local unmanaged account to the Azure AD account? And how does this change if users are using a personal Microsoft account to login?


Are there any patterns/solutions for this, or for example, stepstone solution, linking to personal Microsoft account first, and then to Azure AD?


At some point, will also look at Mac devices and accounts, but to make it not overly complex for now..

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Macs will have to stay stand alone unless you get some kind of identity too like centryfi? Forget the name but there are some out there.

Anyway what we had to do was use profwiz tool to assign the office 365 account to the local account profile and this will save and preserve everything. However this did break personal Microsoft account store logins for me and I was never able to figure it out. Don’t know if it was just my machine or all the time so something you might need to test out but as far as I know this is the only way you can preserve the profile hen joining to domain / azuread.

Also it’s something users Probabaly cannot do since it’s a multi step process that you have to join to azuread first if I recall and then you’ll have access to add a 365 account but this could have been because I was going from domain join, disjoin then azuread. It may be a one step process with joining. Running profwiz and restarting. Anyway you’ll see what I mean when you go test it.