Join windows server 2019 to Azure AD

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Is there an option or work around to join windows server 2019 standard to azure AD for authentication ? 

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@Craig635thank you i will give it a try 

@Jeremiah Kibanga 

My VM is on-prem running in Hyper-V, so that is of little help...

Yes there is. 


The articles linked previously are for Virtual Machines that have been created within Azure. 


I have managed to connect a Windows Server 2019 Standard machine, that is running as a VM on my local laptop, to Azure Active Directory.  

It has connected over the internet the same as windows 10 operating systems do. 


I can login with my Azure AD Account and manage it fully and apply policies to it. 


I would not recommend this. 


It involved getting the Microsoft Store Installed, at which point I could then login and associate my Work account to the device. 

I could then install the company portal. 


I can provide further details if required.




@Jeremiah Kibanga 



What do you think about managing the Infra. servers (Windows 2019 DC) hosted in the DMZ via the AD Azure?

Thanks in advance. 




Please do share futher details. I would like to have shares from my on-prem Windows server 2019 to where I could authenticate with my AAD credentials

Windows Server 2019 Datacentre can be Azure AD domain joined as part of the offering of it's license. 


Joining a server to Azure AD does not sound like it will be the correct solution to the issue you currently have. 


Do you have a Microsoft Support representative assigned to your company that you can work with, to advise and assist you?


Could you provide details to achieve this? I want to test in a isolated environment. 

@AzureMurph That sounds like a solution i am looking for.. could you please share details how did you connect the AAD to your Windows Server 2019?


I get an error while connecting with the company portal

Server 2019 (hybrid with on-prem AD) can easily be AAD joined with GPO



@Adã Silva 


I would advise to not waste your time trying to join Windows Sever 2019 standard builds to Azure AD. 

It's fiddly and doesn't work fully. 

The steps you should follow are to either use Server Datacentre licenses, or contact your Microsoft representative to discuss the use case and licensing options for your situation. 



Hello Dear,


I couldn't find the work or school account in server 2019 and find the blow screenshot for your reference.