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I was, a while ago, told by an MVP that the "correct" way for granting External Consultants access to O365 - was to create them as 'Guest users' (and using their private/corporate email) and then assign them the appropriate 'Directory role' like the SharePoint Administrator role - however, doing this, the Consultant - gets into AAD  - but when trying to access he's getting no access - and the message this site isn't externally shared. 

Can someone confirm that this is the "right way" to grant Consultants access - and what am I missing in order giving access? 

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That is very strange, if the user has a SPO Admin Role, he/she should be able to browse the SPO Admin the way, It does not sound good to me giving an external user such a role in an Office 365 tenant
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I'm with Juan here. While you can technically add admin roles to guest users or even create mailboxes for them, I've never seen a statement from Microsoft that this is supported. In fact, the only place I've seen Guest admin access work is the (old) Office 365 Admin Center.


@Vasil Michev  - thx - I'll have another (serious) "Chat" with the MVP that recommended this way...