Domain Verification for Microsoft Account App in Azure AD for Azure B2C

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Hi, not sure if this belongs in Doc's Q&A , here or stackoverflow for AAD.


Do I need to have a Microsoft partner account so that the B2C Login app I created for Microsoft accounts says verified or is that just for the blue tick?


Per Create a Microsoft account application Step 2 from Set up sign-up and sign-in with a Microsoft accou... You need to make an application in your Azure AD Tenant (not the B2C Tenant). I've done this and the tenant has a verified domain, but it still says 'unverified' when signing in with a Microsoft account. Publisher domain is set to the verified domain of the AAD Tenant.


I know that Features not applicable in Azure AD B2C tenants says publisher domain verification isn't available but:

  1. I take that as referring to the apps that B2C will be used to sign you into, not the app you need to create to allow Microsoft accounts to work with B2C

  2. The app to make Microsoft accounts work isn't in the B2C Tenant

  3. The domain is already verified

How do I get this app for B2C (that isn't in a B2C Tenant) domain verified?

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