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Ability to get/set default authentication method for MFA, please! We can currently manipulate auth methods but can't change the default one, which makes it hard to migrate away from phone-based MFA to Authenticator. Or a way to force delete the default. Thanks!
Does not work on a Galaxy Android Tablet I have had Microsoft Authenticator installed on my Poco F1 for a while. It requires a finger biometric to unlock. No problem.I recently installed it on my Galaxy Tab A7 and it is asking for a Pin to unlock even after I disabled the feature in Settings. I neve...
I sincerely appreciate the hard work that developers do. That said, it is a shame that this is the 3r iteration of a API to interact with Azure, AzureAD and O365. I also hope that the data returned by MSOL CMDLETS makes it to this new API as many attributes of that data did not make it to the AzureA...
Hello, I'm facing the same issue as AVRM91 (iCloud blocked on managed iPhone). Additionally, I'd like to import a backup made with the authenticator on Android, on iOS. Why isn't it possible to select OneDrive as source when restoring a backup on iOS? Even if iCloud wasn't blocked, I wouldn't be abl...
thanks @calvinhklui . that works, I am able to see that field being populated when email as an alternate login ID is being used. I am wondering if you happen to know about this feature causing issues with evaluating some conditional access policies with grant control that requires domain-joined devi...