Azure B2B self service on selected specific groups

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We are using B2B for managing our partners, with the self service we can delegate the invitation to one default group at the level of the application. We have several groups per partners and we need to delegate for each partner a owner per group.we have two problems 

1- Is that all the partners see all the groups wich is a security breach
2- At the lever of the application  i have one default group and i want to have several access group in the same application.


Thanks for your help.


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Can you clarify the user experience and what a partner sees when they login? How and where do they see all other partner groups?


What kind of application? General custom web app? SharePoint?

Hi Roy

when we login as a partner to the access panel with i see the tiles related to my two applications, a CRM portal  with SSO (connected to AAD with SAML 2.0) and an FTP server without SSO.

I can see the groups when i go the application called "groups".

I cannot register myself to them without approbation but i see them all which is a problem in our case because we want to maintain the partner group listing not visible.