Azure AD Connect -- Attribute Value Must Be Unique

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-- Updating from my previous message --

I managed to get syncing attempts happening by removing the group filter.   
As my test group, I made a special OU for the test user and am applying the sync only to this OU.


I am now a bit further, but stumped again.
Both AD accounts and AAD accounts are pre-existing:

AD Account:   (actually a .local account, but UPN added to AD)

AAD Account:

When the sync happens, I am getting "Error:  Attribute Value Must Be Unique"

Looking deeper at the error, it is mentioning the error is in relation to the ProxyAddress.


I have already defined the following in AD for the j.smith user:

email (General Tab):

Proxy Address (Attribute Editor):


this does not seem to help though.  I have tested also by removing Proxy Address and still no go.


any thoughts?

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Fixed this item.

The issue was the test account (my account) was a Global Admin in AzureAD.   I needed to demote the account to user account first, make the sync, and then re-enable global admin for my account.