Azure Active Directory for Home network

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Is it possible to use Azure Active Directory to manage my home computers and users? In other words, use AAD for home networking as I have used AD server for company networking.



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Absolutely, it comes down to what you want to achieve though.
I use it for my home, but not for "networking" as all our services and resources are in the cloud as I use AAD for device authentication.

Mainly for user authentication between different devices. It will be easier to manage user. Currently, I add them the old fashioned way. One by one on each device.

Yeah, so if they are running Windows 10 you can join them to the AAD and have them authenticate against that. It's what I have set up for my devices at home. Nice and simple password management.
I am going to try it out this week. And post more details later for anyone else interested in this subject.
A Home plan for some small number of users and computers would be nice for this.

I'd have my family all hooked up.