Azure Active Directory error 50053

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Hello to everyone,

I searched my users' logs in the monitoring tab.

Several of them have error 50053 : The account is locked, you've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect user ID or password.

They are not blocked, connect from Europe only (while in the location there are only Asian cities), MFA is well activated on all users.

Thanks in advance,

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That's a temporary lock caused by too many bad passwords, it'd different from the BlockCredential/AccountEnabled property value. The feature is called smart lockout, read about it here:

@Vasil Michev yes i got this feature with AzureAD P1 licence, i just want to know if I’ve something to do or to correct in AzureAD portal ?

Is it normal to have this type of error from an other place / IP ? Because all the connexions of my users are from Europe (French IP adress) and the MFA is actived 



It's normal, yes. There are many bad actors that constantly try different techniques, including password spray. Which is why Microsoft is so keen on getting customers off Basic authentication.