Accepting invitation as a Gmail User - Password does not work

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When accepting an invite as a gmail user I get redirected to sign-in. But shouldnt I be redirected to the page where I "Create Password" first?

It asks me for a password and the one attached to my Gmail obviously does not work. Can only add emails from microsoft-accounts or my organization.

I also wonder why Guest Users are stored as "" if I invite "", should they not be stored as ""? As in the video here:


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In our case, previous external users invited from SharePoint show up with the #EXT# after their external mail, with the " @ " replaced with underline as

Now Guest users invited from Azure show up as .

Which in my opinion looks awful and their is no way to change the invitations with the free (O365) version of Azure.  I even created a Support request to investigate.

  BUT what an Admin can do is change the username in the O365 portal to use a semi-normal style of but the change has to be communicated to the external party outside of the Azure/O365 workflows because they cannot login after the change in the username until they are given the new one.