AAD Dynamic group for Teams Room devices

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Hi There,

I'm looking for a solution to get my Teams Room devices member of Dynamic Groups.

I have both Windows 10 and Android Teams devices from many manufacturer. I plan to manage them with Intune so I need to get them into some groups.

I have Surface Hubs as well, they have "SurfaceHub" as OSType so it's simple to filter.

My AAD has many Azure AD Registered Android devices (usually mobile devices), almost all of my clients are Windows10 (pro or ent) so o.s. filtering is not working.

What about Teams devices? Any one already found a solution?


Suggestion are welcome :)

Many thanks!


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Could you give us some more information about the Video conferencing devices used? Which manufacturer and model?


EDIT: Did you perhaps see this post whereby they explain how to manage Microsoft Teams Rooms devices with Endpoint Manager:


The most are PolyStudio X30 and X50 and Logitech VR0019. Some are Poly VC G40. I also have CaP as Poly CCX400. Surface Hubs as well.
I guess some new devices will arrive early next year but I'm not aware of models.
I'm looking for a scalable solution in order to automate the most.
Did you have any chance to look at the link that I shared? Most of the Teams video conferencing devices are running on Android.
Yes, I read the post.
My challenge is not about managing devices, it's about grouping them.
Seems that the only working solution is to rename all existing and new devices adding some prefix. This is pretty simple with few devices, imho not so handy with dozens or more.
Did you ever find a solution using Dynamic groups to collate Teams Room devices? I was hoping to use the specific OS IoT edition but not figured out the syntax to see if this is possible... :|
Not yet...
Seems that the only solution is still rename the devices and grouping by name prefix. Pretty annoying...
Not tried with filters, maybe I'll give they a try with next incoming devices.