Azure commercial invites to Azure Gov

Tony Richards
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Can a global administrator for an Azure Commercial tenant invite a user that is federated with an Azure Gov tenant?

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Hi Tony - Great question. We hear this feature request a lot. We believe this is very important and we're looking into it. Stay tuned for updates.


What about inviting an on-prem user from a domain that has been federated with an Azure Gov tenant.  But, the user hasn't been synced to the tenant in Azure Gov?

Did I ask the same question?  I'm trying to sort out to seperate scenarios for Azure B2B; one where I invite a user who is synced to an Azure Gov tenant, the other scenario is a user I invite who is not synced to the Azure Gov tenant but the account resides in a federated forest.


Does that make sense?


Yes, this is a related scenario. Regardless of how the Gov tenant is set up - with synced users or cloud only users, we do want to make B2B work with commercial tenants.

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