Where are your favorite places?

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So in keeping with the "Away from the keyboard" theme I thought I would share some pictures (max 3) of my favorite places here in Scotland. Lets also not have pictures of people.

Orkney IslandsOrkney Islands

This area of Scotland is just amazing from glorious days like this in summer to the cold and dark winters

Backwater ReservoirBackwater Reservoir

This is reservoir that I take my Springer spaniel for walks on, its so very isolated and great place to go and sit and have some me time

Microsoft Ignite - The Tour LondonMicrosoft Ignite - The Tour London

Ok ok.. This is actually England, but I included it because it was relevant.. This was the last Microsoft Ignite The Tour I attended in London. Why is it in these photos? because for me there is nothing more amazing than meeting the people who make up our community in person.


I would love to see some of your photos

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@Allen Here are a few of my favorite travel pictures of places I've been! Amsterdam (outdoor view), Singapore (at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel) and Stockholm (at the Vasa Museum), in that order.