Where are you all from?

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We have a global community here, but I'm curious - where are you all from? 


I'll start - I live in the endlessly drizzly land of Seattle, WA :) 


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HI!,@Eric Starker 

Poland - Wikipedia

Of course, I invite everyone to my country :)

@Eric Starker 

I live in Wageningen, The Netherlands - "a city with the allure of a village" :)

Knoxville, TN... warm weather, lots of sunshine, Smokey Mountains, and great food :)
Jeffersonville, Indiana. Have been to Vancouver, Washington and experienced it's scenery and culture. Loved the city and all that was offered. However, the company I was with was very difficult to endure. That part of the country is far SuPeRiOr to this OnE :dizzy::hundred_points::dizzy::sunrise_over_mountains:
Strumbrieree to alliconta Wisconsin marxcoet
Oldbury, West Midlands, England - The Heart of the Black Country (allegedly)
Currently in Seattle at the MVP Summit (yes rain rain go away come again another day) and it does! I am from Brighton in the UK. Off to M365Conf Vegas next talking about Viva in Viva Las Vegas! (;o)
I'm from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada!
I live in Lagos Nigeria
I am from Chesapeake, Virginia. I currently call Scarborough, Maine home though. It's a wonderful place to call home and thankfully I've been here long enough to be adopted as a real Mainer!
Québec, Canada !
Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, Canada
I live in a place where you get a sunburn at 12 noon mowing your lawn and are brushing snow off your car at 5:00pm.
Hi i from Cali - Colombia