What's your go-to coffee brand and style to start your day?

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Calling all coffee fans! I am currently sipping on a homemade latte with a brand called Deathwish coffee in my kitty coffee cup (though it could also be a bat lol) . How do you take your coffee in the morning? What brand do you like? We'd love to hear about your coffee style and most loved brands. Feel free to shout out in the comments below! 


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Typically purchase Donut Shop K-cups for home, and go to my favorite indie coffee shop in Seattle, Vivace, on weekends.
I make my own coldbrew on Sunday's. Use it through-out the week with Oat Milk & Vanilla creamer.

I do second Eric's call out for Vivace. Also a fav!
Best coffee for me should be unbearable taste, the worse the better. I drink a lot of coffee, I cant stand an empty coffee cup. So when coffee is bad it takes longer to empty cup.. so - any brand is a good brand + maybe pepper and cinnamon :)
Well pepper and cinnamon is definitely an interesting combo lol.

true, ideal morning at the office, take the big mug, fill with 4 espressos and sip of pepper :) :smile:

@Sarah.Gilbert I enjoy a medium roast from a local coffee chain and roastery called Mercury's Coffee. I have a boujee coffee maker that grinds the beans fresh with each cup/pot lol. As boujee as it may be, it is so worth the extra money! 




Medium roast Ruta Maya, a delicious fair trade organic coffee roasted in Austin, Texas. Black - nothing gets between me and coffee, though I will occasionally do a bullet proof situation.
Love Ruta Maya! One of my favorites in Austin.
Ohhh back in the day I loved making bulletproof coffee for breakfast - I had 0 time in the morning for much else lol
When it comes to coffee, boujee is ALWAYS worth it!
This makes me twitchy just reading it lol
Whenever I do that I have to make sure it is in a clear container of somekind and towards the front of my fridge so I don't forget it since I have ADHD and object permanence is a thing lol
I am from Stuttgart, Germany, enjoying a HOCHLAND coffee, roasted here in Stuttgart.
Brewed in old-fashioned way with hot water and filter.
Anyone else have any recommendations on smart bean to cup machines that are Homekit enabled? I need a robot to make me coffee every morning!!
I got this for my father-in-law who really likes it when I make pourovers but in no way wants to learn how to do it himself lol.


Not sure if it's "smart" but you can set a timer on it!
Looks good - not quite what I'm looking for I don't think. Hoping there's a decent Apple Homekit enabled one, so I can ask Siri to make me a coffee!!
Ooh that sounds interesting! Hearing that name I think of " Hochdeutsch" which is the type of german I learned when I sang opera. I was singing in Austria for a few summers but never made it to Germany for an extended stay. Hoping to visit one day! Until then ... Zum Wohl!
marzipan, chocolate, hazelnut .... If this didn't already sell me the artwork certainly did!