What is your go-to snack?

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Everybody has their “go-to” snack, whether it be a favorite brand of chips/crisps, fruits and veggies with a complimentary dip, or a delicious bowl of cereal late at night.


Whenever I am craving a snack, I usually reach for either white cheddar popcorn or a crisp dill pickle. Or if I have a sweet tooth, I love me some sour gummy worms.


What are some of your favorite/go-to snacks? 



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Seedless grapes
So ill have to go with Pancakes with streaky bacon drizzled with maple syrup over it.
Usually cereal for me.
really anything ngl

Micro popcorn, usually ACT II or cheese (various) and saltines.

My go to Daytime snacks is fried tofu(beske in Nigeria) while my favourite night time snack is suya. :)
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Sweet chili heat Doritos for me :)
Thank you so much, you were of great help
Chocolate and strawberry for me

Flamin' Hot Cheetos mixed with Cheez-It's. The best.

A fresh avocado with Tabasco sauce :thumbs_up:

@Cecilia_Bergstedt  cocoa pebbles

A whole bar of Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate. <3 It has no competitors