What is something common for you that may not be for others?

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This morning I was thinking about something I, frankly, don't think about very often - American Football. 

We're entering Football season here in The States, and I was thinking more about how there are only certain sections of the globe that follow this sport. A question quickly popped into my head:

What are some things that may be popular/common in your area in the world, that others may not know about? 

I'd love to hear all about it below in the comments! 

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Thank you for your question, speaking of football, I am wonder how come group of people running over a ball for 90 minutes with certain rule becomes so popular. That amaze me, where humans have greater achievement, but nothing is as popular as football.
On the flip side, Eurovision feels pretty much a niche interest in the United States but friends of mine in Europe and Australia get super into it!
I live in a tent instead of a house but that's not really something a lot of people in my area do.

English Alphabet. The English alphabet has 26 letters. In "alphabetical order", they are: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

... and the "Das deutsche Alphabet" have 27: "ß" ...
thanks for the question, football is called soccer. there is 2 group in the field. a group member is 11 people, both are the same, the interesting thing is who makes a gole by party's of the opposition, gole quantity decided the winner. and this is the main challenge of this game. also, loot of football fans is available for enjoying the game.