What helps get you started in the morning?

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We all have our morning routines that help us get started for the day. For some of us, it's setting our alarm to go off 30 mins earlier to account for the morning grogginess. For people like me who want to hold on to as much sleep as possible, it's the amazing cup of coffee I use to start my day. I tend to drink it outside to bask in the sunlight before I bask in the glow of my computer monitor. 


What is a morning routine trick you use to wake up and start your day? Let us know in the comments 

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For me it is about my job, so when I am working on an exciting project and I am motivated, that would wake me up early. However, if there is a boring project and demotivating task, it is hard to wake up.
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Have the Espresso machine on a timer, smell wakes me up instantly!



My 7 year old daughter’s wake-up routine melded with mine is what gets me up. We have an onslaught of >5 alarms and also routines set up on devices to offer timeliness alerts and inspirational messages. Then of course… my dark roast, almost espresso, coffee. :)